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The dog walking service provides owners with the option of having their pet walked while at work, or away for the day, in familiar surroundings
Walks are half an hour approx and can be included in a visit. Extra time can be bought in half hour blocks at a discounted price.

Shared walks are half price for the second dog as long as they are from the same family .
I prefer not to walk more than three dogs at the same time unless exceptionally well behaved.


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Dog walks can be bought in half hour blocks of £3.50 after the first initial half hour of £6.50

A second dog sharing the same walk (from the same family) gets a discount of 50%

Dogs that can only be walked on their own will be charged an extra 50% of original price

Dog walking 1/2hr (approx) £6.50
Dog walking 1hr (approx) £10.00


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