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~ Cat Visits ~



Visits are usually based on one two or three times a day and can be tailored to the animals individual needs. Visits are based on time scale and number of animals (any more than two will be charged at 50%)

Each visit can include:

Adjusting curtains blinds and lights

Moving letters and newspapers

Fresh water and feeding


Indoor accidents cleaned up

Watering plants

Taking wheelie bin out on collection day

A.M. visits are between 8am - 11am / Midday visits between 11am- 3pm /
P.M. visits 3pm - 6 p.m / Overnight stays 7pm - 7am

Full days to be discussed (additional visits charged at normal rates during the day) except for Saturday (1½) Sunday and Bank Holiday (x2)

CAT VISITS entail: Litter tray change / Let out am / brought in pm / Medication /Feeding


1/2hr visits £7.00 (cat visits)

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